Are all the sales out there really just white noise?  When you hear a spot on TV or even the radio, do you stop and pay attention?  What grabs you?  The seller?  The product?  THE DEAL?

A supervisor once told me “consumers do not pay attention to offers anymore unless they are at least 20% off…”  Is this true?  When we hear or read about the offer, do we automatically compute the discount in our head before listening or investigating further?  Do we not acknowledge or respond to 10% off, 15%, etc.?

What about those “Early Bird,” “One Day Only,” Midnight Madness,” “Deal in a Box” promotions?  Are they still a call to the wild?  Does it mean anything?

The “hi/lo” effect is still very much at work in this country.  I never saw a TJ Maxx or Marshall’s spot until last holiday and now every day they tell me “the department store mistake is my shopportunity!”

Diffusion brands (Proenza Schouler, Anna Sui, Rodarte, Alexander McQueen, Jean Paul Gaultier, etc.) sell out before they even hit 5PM of in-store debut day.   These inexpensive, easy to reach concoctions are so popular; eBay sellers have started their own Target business selling each item up to 5X the original price.  Talk about trend.

Macy’s – one of our last mid-tier department stores with a long history of sales states very simply “Great prices every day.”  WHY OH WHY must we then be exposed to Macy’s sale ads EVERY week.  Their media budget must be HUGE, if you truly have great prices every day, why must you promote so heavily?  Are consumers responding or is it a desperate cry in this desperate economy?


Red, right and you.

Heading into our national celebration of independence makes me nostalgic.  I grew up in Huntington Beach, CA and we attended the annual 4th of July parade and would end up at Miles Square Park in Fountain Valley to watch the fireworks (ok and in later years also record the Macy’s/NY celebration – no better on earth!).

Back then every house was decorated and displayed our flag.  Sadly, almost every person was decorated as well, but I digress (heaven knows all those sweaters and tees have been seen at annual “Horrible Holiday Gear” parties!).

We showed our colors with pride.  Now, I can hardly count flags on my street on one hand.  Sad, sad, sad.  No matter what our views are on ANYTHING, there’s no country greater, no people braver and PLEASE remember we still have men and women standing strong for this across the world.  Selfless dedication 24/7.

To all the retailers across the country who give military discounts, thank you.  To Old Navy – wow – brilliance personified!  Their 4th of July promo is for every $5. flag tee sold, they will send one overseas.  Well done Old Navy!  Our grateful soldiers will wear and fly that flag without question.

Will you?!


Females are conditioned from birth to live, love and wear pink.  Perfectly innocent, innocently provocative.  Pink, or “blush” as the softest shade is commonly referred to is popping up everywhere; even the most beautiful bridal gowns now have a blush under lining.

As babies, when parents, family and friends find out the little one is a girl, pink is generally the color they head toward.  Years ago it separated the girls from the boys, now anyone and everyone can wear it and love it and honestly, who doesn’t?!  Think of all the STUFF with PINK in the name; Pink Floyd, Pink Dot, Pinkberry, Pink Taco, Pink’s Hot dogs, Victoria’s Secret PINK, Thomas PINK and even Pink Eye!

One of the strongest, toughest women today is named PINK.  She’s beyond beautiful and talented and as females; that’s what we should head toward!

When “Googling” pink – here’s what came up:

“Pink is the color of universal love. Pink is a quiet color. Lovers of beauty favor pink.  Shades of deep pink, such as magenta, are effective in neutralizing disorder and violence. Some prisons use limited deep pink tones to diffuse aggressive behavior.  Pink provides feelings of caring, tenderness, self-worth and love, acceptance.”

Put some pink in your life when you want:

  • calm feelings
  • to neutralize disorder
  • relaxation
  • acceptance, contentment

Acceptance, contentment – as a human race, that’s really what we yearn for.  Wonder what any enemy would do if we showed up in a bright pink tank?!  Talk about disarming!  Time to lay down our weapons, be it actual or words and surround ourselves (if you haven’t already!) in PINK!

P.S. – took the “What color Sharpie are you?!” quiz on FB and of course, I was pink.  What color are you?

The Zoe Repoire

Lots of little girls have heroes;  Susan B. Anthony, Rosa Parks, Sally Ride, Mother Teresa and more.  These are all incredible and brave women who paved the way for women to be who we are today and for that we are beyond grateful.

MY hero was and always will be – Rachel Zoe.  The woman who single-handedly awoke the term “vintage” in this country.  Call me crazy, call me shallow – I’ll wear that terminology with pride.  I ADORE this woman, I cannot say enough.  Hero-worship – ABZOELUTELY!

I’m going to call her Rachel, because in my head – we’re friends!  I  have followed her every move (as should you!) while styling the likes of Nicole Richie (pregnant women FLOCKED to her line at “A Pea in the Pod”  and were thrilled they didn’t have to look like Omar the tent maker any longer!), Ann Hathaway, Debra Messing, Kate Hudson, Eva Mendes (who can forget the infamous white Dior at The Golden Globes?!) and more – to her “I DIE” –  “The Rachel Zoe Project” on Bravo, her “picks” on Piperlime and of course her daily dish delivered from The Zoe Report.

Can you die to be “Tay” or “Brad?!”  I know, me too.  To work for, and learn from,  the Master  – to work in that beautiful new space.  To gleam the goodness that is Zoe – they won the Lottery!  I will forever JONES!

I would be remiss to not plug her line at QVC, the faux-fur vest this past season – a SELL-OUT!  I asked myself why at first (I know – do NOT mess with the ZOE!), I mean really – a vest of FAKEULOSITY?  And then as I stared longer (or longingly – not sure), I discovered the look that is pure ZOE and understood the 800 dialing!

I’m asking you as a human being who’s ALIVE, as a believer in fashion and all things fabulous – if you haven’t watched, read, worshipped…do so now.  You won’t be sorry.

You will learn what is vintage and what’s just old.  You will come to realize the difference between fashion and fugly.  You will develop a desire for couture; whether it’s off the runway or “BUH-NANAS” on a budget – you will become a follower, a believer, a WINNER!

My hero does FAUXULOSITY

Sex and the City Syndrome

Sex and the City Syndrome

What calls us to this franchise?  When the series started, these four characters were known only to Candace Bushnell book fans.   However it then launched on HBO and became the behemoth that it is today; women across the globe were seduced.

Was it the characters; four so seemingly different women?  The city itself?  The wardrobe?  Was it a mixture of it all that called us women to worship at the altar of Darren Starr?  Did we see ourselves in Charlotte?  Did we know a Miranda?  I even purchased (and wore proudly) an “I’m a Carrie” tee at Kitson.  I was besotted; hook, line and sinker.

I followed the series religiously; envied the wardrobe, the life – the apartments!  Who wouldn’t want to glide through life on 6” Manolos wearing an outfit hand-picked by Patricia Field?  My best friend got me The Complete Series on DVD – you know the one – the hot pink velvet “bible” for a gazillion dollars!  I was over the moon!  I owned the life I coveted.  Sigh.

Then the rumors started.  As EP, SJP was considering – wait for it – a MOVIE!  Whaaat?!  OMG – our girls on the big screen?  I mean, what could be better than the series finale?  ARE YOU KIDDING??!!  I scoured the blogs, the sneaky “I’ve been paid off to post this” sites – I bought anything and everything that mentioned this “cannot wait to be seen” digital  fabulosity.

The previews started, the “behind the scenes,” the “making of…”  I was in my element, as were millions of girls young and old around the globe.  The movie proved we girls got bank!  It brought in over $57M in the opening weekend, and let’s admit it – we cried.  If you didn’t – well – I’m positively ashamed of your femininity and devotion!

Here we are two short years later, same weekend, same girls.  Different life stories, different men, different locale.  I’m guessing, not unlike, our own lives.  How has your life changed in the last two years?  Mine has changed dramatically, but my love for these girls has not and I can’t imagine it ever will.  I fancy I will ALWAYS be a “Carrie!”