Sex and the City Syndrome

Sex and the City Syndrome

What calls us to this franchise?  When the series started, these four characters were known only to Candace Bushnell book fans.   However it then launched on HBO and became the behemoth that it is today; women across the globe were seduced.

Was it the characters; four so seemingly different women?  The city itself?  The wardrobe?  Was it a mixture of it all that called us women to worship at the altar of Darren Starr?  Did we see ourselves in Charlotte?  Did we know a Miranda?  I even purchased (and wore proudly) an “I’m a Carrie” tee at Kitson.  I was besotted; hook, line and sinker.

I followed the series religiously; envied the wardrobe, the life – the apartments!  Who wouldn’t want to glide through life on 6” Manolos wearing an outfit hand-picked by Patricia Field?  My best friend got me The Complete Series on DVD – you know the one – the hot pink velvet “bible” for a gazillion dollars!  I was over the moon!  I owned the life I coveted.  Sigh.

Then the rumors started.  As EP, SJP was considering – wait for it – a MOVIE!  Whaaat?!  OMG – our girls on the big screen?  I mean, what could be better than the series finale?  ARE YOU KIDDING??!!  I scoured the blogs, the sneaky “I’ve been paid off to post this” sites – I bought anything and everything that mentioned this “cannot wait to be seen” digital  fabulosity.

The previews started, the “behind the scenes,” the “making of…”  I was in my element, as were millions of girls young and old around the globe.  The movie proved we girls got bank!  It brought in over $57M in the opening weekend, and let’s admit it – we cried.  If you didn’t – well – I’m positively ashamed of your femininity and devotion!

Here we are two short years later, same weekend, same girls.  Different life stories, different men, different locale.  I’m guessing, not unlike, our own lives.  How has your life changed in the last two years?  Mine has changed dramatically, but my love for these girls has not and I can’t imagine it ever will.  I fancy I will ALWAYS be a “Carrie!”


3 thoughts on “Sex and the City Syndrome

  1. I am proud to say that I took my wife to sex in the city 2, and glad to see she enjoyed it. I was amazed thatbas soon as the movie started, women all around me were delighted to see their old friends back on the big screen. I am not a big SITC fan but very amazed at how women gravitate to this franchise. Enjoy.

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