The Zoe Repoire

Lots of little girls have heroes;  Susan B. Anthony, Rosa Parks, Sally Ride, Mother Teresa and more.  These are all incredible and brave women who paved the way for women to be who we are today and for that we are beyond grateful.

MY hero was and always will be – Rachel Zoe.  The woman who single-handedly awoke the term “vintage” in this country.  Call me crazy, call me shallow – I’ll wear that terminology with pride.  I ADORE this woman, I cannot say enough.  Hero-worship – ABZOELUTELY!

I’m going to call her Rachel, because in my head – we’re friends!  I  have followed her every move (as should you!) while styling the likes of Nicole Richie (pregnant women FLOCKED to her line at “A Pea in the Pod”  and were thrilled they didn’t have to look like Omar the tent maker any longer!), Ann Hathaway, Debra Messing, Kate Hudson, Eva Mendes (who can forget the infamous white Dior at The Golden Globes?!) and more – to her “I DIE” –  “The Rachel Zoe Project” on Bravo, her “picks” on Piperlime and of course her daily dish delivered from The Zoe Report.

Can you die to be “Tay” or “Brad?!”  I know, me too.  To work for, and learn from,  the Master  – to work in that beautiful new space.  To gleam the goodness that is Zoe – they won the Lottery!  I will forever JONES!

I would be remiss to not plug her line at QVC, the faux-fur vest this past season – a SELL-OUT!  I asked myself why at first (I know – do NOT mess with the ZOE!), I mean really – a vest of FAKEULOSITY?  And then as I stared longer (or longingly – not sure), I discovered the look that is pure ZOE and understood the 800 dialing!

I’m asking you as a human being who’s ALIVE, as a believer in fashion and all things fabulous – if you haven’t watched, read, worshipped…do so now.  You won’t be sorry.

You will learn what is vintage and what’s just old.  You will come to realize the difference between fashion and fugly.  You will develop a desire for couture; whether it’s off the runway or “BUH-NANAS” on a budget – you will become a follower, a believer, a WINNER!

My hero does FAUXULOSITY


2 thoughts on “The Zoe Repoire

  1. Hey Marla, my very good friend Alyssa is an editor for the Rachel Zoe Project….I know….we’re so close to knowing her. I keep telling her to put a good word in for me 😉

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