Red, right and you.

Heading into our national celebration of independence makes me nostalgic.  I grew up in Huntington Beach, CA and we attended the annual 4th of July parade and would end up at Miles Square Park in Fountain Valley to watch the fireworks (ok and in later years also record the Macy’s/NY celebration – no better on earth!).

Back then every house was decorated and displayed our flag.  Sadly, almost every person was decorated as well, but I digress (heaven knows all those sweaters and tees have been seen at annual “Horrible Holiday Gear” parties!).

We showed our colors with pride.  Now, I can hardly count flags on my street on one hand.  Sad, sad, sad.  No matter what our views are on ANYTHING, there’s no country greater, no people braver and PLEASE remember we still have men and women standing strong for this across the world.  Selfless dedication 24/7.

To all the retailers across the country who give military discounts, thank you.  To Old Navy – wow – brilliance personified!  Their 4th of July promo is for every $5. flag tee sold, they will send one overseas.  Well done Old Navy!  Our grateful soldiers will wear and fly that flag without question.

Will you?!


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