Are all the sales out there really just white noise?  When you hear a spot on TV or even the radio, do you stop and pay attention?  What grabs you?  The seller?  The product?  THE DEAL?

A supervisor once told me “consumers do not pay attention to offers anymore unless they are at least 20% off…”  Is this true?  When we hear or read about the offer, do we automatically compute the discount in our head before listening or investigating further?  Do we not acknowledge or respond to 10% off, 15%, etc.?

What about those “Early Bird,” “One Day Only,” Midnight Madness,” “Deal in a Box” promotions?  Are they still a call to the wild?  Does it mean anything?

The “hi/lo” effect is still very much at work in this country.  I never saw a TJ Maxx or Marshall’s spot until last holiday and now every day they tell me “the department store mistake is my shopportunity!”

Diffusion brands (Proenza Schouler, Anna Sui, Rodarte, Alexander McQueen, Jean Paul Gaultier, etc.) sell out before they even hit 5PM of in-store debut day.   These inexpensive, easy to reach concoctions are so popular; eBay sellers have started their own Target business selling each item up to 5X the original price.  Talk about trend.

Macy’s – one of our last mid-tier department stores with a long history of sales states very simply “Great prices every day.”  WHY OH WHY must we then be exposed to Macy’s sale ads EVERY week.  Their media budget must be HUGE, if you truly have great prices every day, why must you promote so heavily?  Are consumers responding or is it a desperate cry in this desperate economy?


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