Are all the sales out there really just white noise?  When you hear a spot on TV or even the radio, do you stop and pay attention?  What grabs you?  The seller?  The product?  THE DEAL? A supervisor once told me “consumers do not pay attention to offers anymore unless they are at least […]

Red, right and you.

Heading into our national celebration of independence makes me nostalgic.  I grew up in Huntington Beach, CA and we attended the annual 4th of July parade and would end up at Miles Square Park in Fountain Valley to watch the fireworks (ok and in later years also record the Macy’s/NY celebration – no better on […]


Females are conditioned from birth to live, love and wear pink.  Perfectly innocent, innocently provocative.  Pink, or “blush” as the softest shade is commonly referred to is popping up everywhere; even the most beautiful bridal gowns now have a blush under lining. As babies, when parents, family and friends find out the little one is […]

The Zoe Repoire

Lots of little girls have heroes;  Susan B. Anthony, Rosa Parks, Sally Ride, Mother Teresa and more.  These are all incredible and brave women who paved the way for women to be who we are today and for that we are beyond grateful. MY hero was and always will be – Rachel Zoe.  The woman […]

Sex and the City Syndrome

Sex and the City Syndrome What calls us to this franchise?  When the series started, these four characters were known only to Candace Bushnell book fans.   However it then launched on HBO and became the behemoth that it is today; women across the globe were seduced. Was it the characters; four so seemingly different women?  The […]